Replacing MS Dialogs promotional offer

TKDialogs is a tool for creating and deploying custom user interfaces to lead users step-by-step through a pre-defined process. It is the natural replacement for MS Dialogs.

But TKDialogs offers much more than MS Dialogs. Use the TKDialogs flowchart designer to effortlessly create and maintain reusable user processes of any complexity and with full access to your Dynamics 365/CRM data; extend the reach of your processes to include data from SharePoint and other data sources; create rich pages of content with comprehensive input validation; perform calculations and process automation; develop staff/agent scripts and optionally deploy to your website for customer/supplier self-service. The list goes on…

To help decide if TKDialogs is the right solution for you, Team Knowledge is offering one free day of consultancy and then 6 months license free if you proceed.

(Subject to terms and conditions.)

Agent Call Scripting and Web Self-Service

TKDialogs is a tool for creating and deploying custom user interfaces to lead user step-by-step through a pre-defined process.

Typical uses are for inbound and outbound call guides (e.g. sales qualification, customer services, issue logging), self-service websites and anywhere an intuitive, consistent user interface is required.

Applications include financial services, healthcare, regulated services, local and regional government.

Dialog Builder

Dialog Builder

Dialog Builder is an easy-to-use flowcharting tool, which enables business users to design the TKDialogs user interfaces without code.  

Dialog Builder flowcharts define all the page layouts, input validation, business logic and data integration, giving YOU the power to make CRM work the way your users need.

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No coding skills required – comes complete with step-by-step training guide and examples
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Rapid to develop, deploy and update to reflect changing business requirements
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Create simple forms or enterprise applications
Dialog Player

Dialog Player

Dialog Player provides role-specific, logic-driven user interfaces that enable users to work the way they need, to deliver efficient customer services.

The responsive, browser-based pages can be deployed across a range of devices, on standalone web pages or embedded in CRM forms to give controlled access to your data.

A single user interface, providing access to all CRM data, other data sources and relevant business knowledge
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Simple “read and click” interface to guide users through even the most complex of processes with minimal training
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No more generic CRM forms – TKDialogs pages adapt dynamically based on user input, CRM data and your business logic
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